About Us

We are honored that you would visit our page. God sure has done some wonderful things for us at North Spoon Baptist Church. We are an Old Fashioned Fundamental Bible believing Baptist church that holds to the truth of God’s word. We still use the King James Bible and stay with the Old Paths that we believe God has taught us in his word.
We have several different ministries out of our church that God has blessed us with, such as Truth Evangelistic Ministries, a tent ministry that God has used to see over 30 souls saved under our tent in the summer of 2017 alone.
We have a wonderful youth group which Bro Phillip Reynolds and his wife are in charge of. The Lord is building an interest among young people by using brother Phillip to teach them the truth of God’s word.

God has also sent 2 of our young preachers to the mission field, one to church plant in Idaho and the other to church plant in south Mississippi.

We also have an annual Campmeeting that we have beginning the last Monday  in April and ending the following Friday . Some of God’s choice men will be preaching that week and you are bound to be blessed.
We are sure that if you like Old Time Religion, you will find yourself right at home at North Spoon Baptist Church “ A Going Church For Our Coming Lord”.
Come visit us at any of our services. We would love to have you.

In His Service,
Billy Ray Bond